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  • August 30, 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • September 02, 2019
  • 8:00 PM
  • US & Canada


  • $20 Entry Fee
    $5 Tournament Software Fee Waived for CFL Members
  • $20 Entry Fee + $5 Tournament Software Fee

Registration is closed

Length Based Based - Best 3 Fish (Largemouth, Smallmouth, or Spotted)

CFL Rules Apply

Any Public water in the US or Canada

90% Payback of Tournament Fees

$20 Tournament Entry Fee


$5 Tournament Software Fee for Non CFL Members 

Prizes =

1st Place 50% of Entry Fee Pool

2nd Place 25% of Entry Fee Pool

3rd Place 15% of Entry Fee Pool

Payouts will be distributed via Check or PayPal after event is completed.  PayPal Fees will apply.  

CFL Participants will earn Points for CFL Angler of the Year Award

1st Place = 100

2nd Place = 99

3rd Place = 98


If you register and do not log a catch you will be awarded 50 points for CFL Angler of the Year.  

Step 1- APP - Must use the ConnectScale Fishing App to log entries.

iPhone Users -Download the ConnectScale Fishing App on iTunes App Store. 

Android Users - Download the ConnectScale Fishing App on Google Play Store. 

Once you have downloaded the app.  Complete setting up your User Profile with First and Last names and a Profile Pic that shows your face. Make sure to use the same email address that you use to register for CFL and CFL events.  We use email addresses as the unique identifier and if you use different email addresses we will not be able to score your submissions properly.  


Step 2- MEASURING DEVICES - Have a measuring device to measure length. Ruler, Tape measure, Bump Board, etc….


Step 3- IDENTIFIER CARD: NAME & CODE - Write down your First and Last name plus the Tournament Code on the Identifier Card.   You can download and print the Identifier Card HERE -> http://bit.ly/CSTCARD    The Tournament Code to write on the card will be distributed the night before the event begins.  

Step 4- CATCH - Go Fishing and Catch a Bass.  Here are details of eligible catches:


Species—Only “black bass” are eligible for scoring. 

  1. Largemouth Bass – Micropterus salmoides, 

  2. Smallmouth Bass – Micropterus dolomineu, 

  3. Spotted or Kentucky Bass – Micropterus punctulatus) 


Step 5 - Measure & LOG - Enter details of each catch on the ConnectScale  ishing App. Required fields to complete are: 

  1. Weight - This is a length based scoring event but the ConnectScale app requires a weight for the catch to be submitted.   For this event you can guess approximate wieght or the weight can be obtained automatically from ConnectScale Bluetooth Fishing Scale.  Automatic weights are indicated on the Catch Feed with a Green Font. If for some reason the scale doesn’t transfer the weight or you have issues you may enter manual weight, weights should be entered in Pounds to the nearest 100th and match the display of the scale.   

  2. Length - Manually input the length of each catch in the Length Field to the nearest 1/8th inch.  

  3. Species - Select appropriate species of catch. (Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass) 

  4. Public Tournament Code - Make sure you have a green check next to this event.  This field will be automatically be populated once you save the catch and have it public and a photo added.  

  5. Photos - Add a Length verification photo for each catch.

    1. Length Verification - Photo must show catch on the Measuring device.   The fish needs to be measured from left to right. Starting from the mouth on the left and ending with the tail on the right.  The mouth of the catch must be completely closed. The Length Photo must include the Tournament Identifier Card with the Tournament Code clearly visible. 

  6. Private Catch Disabled - Make sure the Private catch slider is turned off and not showing Green.   If the catch is kept Private we will not see it in Public Feed or in the database when we are verifying results.   You may keep Share Map (GPS) Location private so that no other users will not know your location. The Private catch setting is used for determining if a catch is displayed on Public Feed and eligible for Public Tournaments/Challenges.  If you keep your location private, only the Tournament Admin will be able to see your location. This is required to verify that the catch was weighed on a body of water. 

  7. Save - After you have completed ALL of the steps above tap Save in top right-hand corner to save the catch submission and enter the catch in the competition.     


Step 6 - REPEAT - Complete steps 4 and 5 as many times as you can during the time frame of this challenge.  This is Best 3 Total Length Tournament. Winner will be determined by the total length of the 3 longest catches.    


Live Leaderboard: 

Keep up to date with standings of all our events by using our new Live Tournament Leaderboard at www.connectscale.app 

We will be reviewing catches at the end of the tournament and excluding catches that length does not match the photo.  

Connect Outdoors, Inc and any employee or representative reserves the right to disqualify or omit any catches that do not meet the rules described above.  All decisions by Staff are FINAL. As a condition of participation in a Competition, and by virtue of using the app, each Competitor agrees to accept the terms and conditions of the ConnectScale Terms & Condition including a Waiver and Release of Liability.

All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2020   

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