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Labor Day Weekend Bass Challenge - South Division

  • September 04, 2020
  • 6:00 AM
  • September 07, 2020
  • 9:00 PM
  • US

Connect Fishing League

LABOR DAY Weekend bass challenge - SOUTh Division




One tournament - Two Winners  




$10 ENTRY FEE + $5 Tournament Software Fee.  

This is an open tournament for anyone to participate.  

Must use a ConnectScale to weigh catches.   

Bass Tournament - Weight based - best 5 catches plus prize to Biggest Catch 

Tournament Code will be posted on this page once registration is closed and will be available on the ConnectScale app.

In order for this tournament to go smoothly, do some preparation ahead of time. Each angler must have either an iPhone or Android and install the free ConnectScale app to record your catches.  To get the ConnectScale app iPhone Users - Download on iTunes App Store and Android Users - Download on Google Play.

Once you have paid your registration you will receive an invite to confirm your registration in the app the night before the event starts.  Go to the Events tab in the app, find the Event listing for the event and tap to enter.

All catches must be weighed with a ConnectScale.  No other weighing devices are allowed.

We recommend the use of one of the measuring boards listed at the end of the rules as a confirmation for each catch.

Weekend Bass Challenge is a total weight of best 5 catches with bonus for largest catch.   Black Bass tournament (Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, or Spotted Bass).

Read the rules carefully.  Failure to comply with the rules will result in disallowed catches and possible disqualification.


Best 5 By Weight = 75% of total entry fees (Prizes will be distributed based on # of Participants). 

  • 1 - 9 Participants.  75% of Entry Fees Paid to Winner
  • 10-19 Participants.  50% of Entry Fees Paid to Winner  25% Paid to 2nd Place
  • 20 or more Participants.  40% of Entry Fees Paid to Winner, 20% Paid to 2nd Place 15% to 3rd Place
Biggest Catch By Weight Bonus - 25% of total entry fees. 

Winner(s) will be announced with 48 hours of end of competition.

Prizes will Paid via PayPal or Physical Check

What to do now?

  1. Get the ConnectScale app and become familiar with the app in advance.  The app can be found here for iPhone and here for Android.

  2. Instructional videos for the app can be found here: https://connectscale.com/pages/videos

When to fish?

  • Friday September 4th 6AM EST to Monday September 7th 9PM EST

Where to fish?

  • Any public waterway in the United States or Canada.  No private ponds allowed.  If anyone can fish the waterway, even if a fee might be charged like a state park, then this is considered a public waterway.

Who can fish?  

  • Any angler in the Southern States of United States shown in map above who is not under a Shelter In Place Order from Local, State, or National Government.  All anglers must follow all applicable laws and have appropriate licenses.


Step 1 - The ConnectScale APP

All anglers must use the ConnectScale Fishing App to register and log entries.

Once you have downloaded the app.  Complete setting up your User Profile with First and Last names, Email and a Profile Picture that shows your face. 

The night before the event starts we will create the event an you will receive an in app notification.  We will post the unique tournament ID code on this rules page.  You can also find the tournament ID in the ConnectScale app once the event begins.  To confirm registration for the tournament, use the ConnectScale app, tap the Events Tab on the Bottom Menu. Select the My Events page on top of the page and select the Join button for the Weekend Bass ChallengeBig Bass Shootout event.  Be sure to select the correct round.

Step 2 - Measuring Devices 

All entries must be verified using one of the recommended measuring devices listed at the end of the rules.

Step 3 - Go Fishing and Catch a Bass

Only “black bass” (largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass) are eligible for scoring in this tournament.

Step 4 - Measure and Log

Record your catch weight with the ConnectScale and enter into the ConnectScale app.

Measure the length of the catch with your measuring device and enter the length into the ConnectScale app.  The measurements are used to confirm validity of catch.  The length of the catch is not used to determine the winning catch but to validate the integrity of the entry.

The nose of the catch must touch the bump on the measuring device.  Lengths should be recorded in the nearest quarter inch rounded down.

Using the ConnectScale app, input the following data:

  • Weight of the catch in the Weight Field automatically obtained from ConnectScale. 

  • Length of the catch in the Length Field.

  • Select appropriate species of catch. (Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, or Spotted Bass)

  • Tap the Event Code Field and make sure the Tournament Code for the Weekend Challenge.  The event is selected with a Green Checkmark. 

  • Verification Photos - Verification photos for each catch must be entered into the ConnectScale app at the time of the catch.  Photo must show the weight and length verification.

Verification photos must show the Unique Tournament ID on a card.  Tournament ID cards can be printed using the official Connect Fishing League Tournament card The Tournament Code will be posted on this rules page and in the app at the start of the event.

Photo Requirements:

  • Each submission must be a unique catch.
  • Each submission must include a photo that includes the ConnectScale and clearly shows the weight of the catch on the ConnectScale Screen.  If weight is not clearly visible then the catch will be excluded.  
  • Each submission must include Unique Tournament ID.  This code will be published at the start of the event on the event detail page.
  • Each photo must show the entire fish from mouth to tail on a measuring board. 
  • The mouth/lip, eye, and tail fin must not be covered or obstructed in photo.
  • Tail of the fish may be pinched.
  • The mouth of the fish must be closed and placed against the beginning of the board.
  • The measurement must be from left to right with dorsal fins on top of photo and pelvic and anal fins downward.
  • Measurement markings on board must be clearly visible.  If a catch is questioned and the judge can not clearly see the tick marks then the catch will be excluded.
  • Photos must be taken with participants' own phone using the In app photo feature.
  • Photos should be taken straight on or from directly overhead and not at an angle to ensure verification of the catch.  If the tournament director is not able to easily read the measurement, entries may be disallowed.  
  • Blurry photos or photos where the length marker is unclear will be excluded.
  • Second generation (screen shot, or photo of photos) will be excluded.
  • Catch must be in a natural state and unaltered.
  • Any catch submitted that does not meet all of the criteria will be excluded from total.
  • Tournament judges and the tournament director will have final decision on any violations and rulings.  
Example Photos
The images below show examples of good and bad verification photos.

  • In the ConnectScale APP, make sure the Private catch slider is turned off and not showing Green.  If the catch is kept Private we will not see it in Public Feed or in the database when we are verifying results.  You may keep Share Map (GPS) Location private so that no other users will not know your location but the tournament admin will still be able to verify that the catch was weighed on a body of water and for safety verification.  After you have completed ALL of the steps above, tap Save in the top right-hand corner to save the catch submission and enter the catch in the competition.

    Log as many catches as you like during the tournament.  This is a single best catch tournament. Winners will be determined by the weight of the largest catch for each round and the grand prize winner from the largest round winner.    

    Live Leaderboard: 

    Keep up to date with standings of all our events by using our new Live Tournament Leaderboard at www.connectscale.app  


    • Boat, Kayak, Tube and Bank/Shore Fishing Permitted

    • Catches must be submitted to the tournament at time of catch.

    • All catches are submitted using the ConnectScale Fishing App.

    • Adding Length Measurement must be done in Inches in .25 inch increments.  For instance, x.00 x.25 x.50 or x.75 where x is the number of inches.

    • Users must Round Down and enter to the closest .25 or (¼) Inch mark.

    • Any submission not rounded to .00 .25 .50 .75 will be disqualified.

    Board Measurement


    Length Entered on App

    11 1/8



    11 3/8

    11 1/4


    11 5/8

    11 1/2


    11 7/8

    11 3/4



    • Tie breaker will go to the first catch entered.

    Recommended Measuring Devices:

    For weight based events most any measuring device is acceptable for catch verification.  Measuring Devices must be flat and show a fair length verification in 1/4 inch increments. 

    Entry Fees

    This Tournament Entry Fee is $10.   

    Disputes and Complaints

    Any concerns about the rules should be discussed before the start of the tournament.

    The tournament director has the final decision on any complaints. 

    Formal Complaints must be submitted to the tournament director and provide documentation including event, title date, name of angler, catch #, description of condition being disputed, and reason for dispute and requested action. 

    Unless a clear violation of law or fraud, any dispute issued after 24 hours of the end of the event will be reviewed without affecting the results. 


    Advertised Payout amounts will be adjusted based on the final number of paid participants.  Prizes will be processed after all photos submitted have been judged and results reviewed. Winners of Sponsored Prizes must complete Prize Claim Form that will be emailed to them.  


    Competitors are responsible for all applicable taxes.  Participants that win a cumulative prize for the year of over $600 must complete a IRS W9 Form before any prize amount exceeding $600 will be distributed.

    Waivers and Releases

    By registering for an event the participant grants Connect Outdoors, Inc the right to use all photographs, likeness, stories, accounts, interviews, and information pertaining to the event for marketing and promotional purposes.  This release is granted without expectation of additional compensation.

    As a condition of participation and by virtue of registering for competitions, each participant agrees to accept the terms and conditions of Connect Outdoors, Inc Waiver and Release of Liability.  This absolves Connect Outdoors, Inc, its officers, staff, and volunteers from responsibility and threat of litigation in the case of injury, loss, or death sustained by a participant while participating in an event.

    Final Details

    Connect Outdoors, Inc and its staff reserves the right to disqualify or omit any catches that do not meet the rules described above.  All decisions are FINAL.   

    All users must practice safe social distancing measures as outlined by the CDC.  The tournament will be postponed if a national quarantine or shelter in place order is given.  

    CDC Guidelines to protect yourself: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html

    CDC guidelines regarding travel in the US: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/travel-in-the-us.html 

    As a condition of participation in a competition, and by virtue of using the app, each competitor agrees to accept the terms and conditions of the ConnectScale terms & conditions including a waiver and release of liability. 

    Other Links:

    Download the ConnectScale App   iOS    Android

    ConnectScale education videos - https://connectscale.com/pages/videos

    Join the Connect Fishing League - LINK

    Download and Print the Connect Fishing League Tournament Card - LINK

    Live Tournament Leaderboard - www.connectscale.app 

    Recommended measuring boards - Frabill Bump Board, Hawg Trough, Ketch, Check It Stick

    CDC Guidelines to protect yourself: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html

    CDC guidelines regarding travel in the US: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/travel-in-the-us.html 

    If you have any questions please reach out via email to info@connectscale.com 


    All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2020   

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