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  • March 09, 2020 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    Joseph Gayton had a busy Saturday as he logged 14 Bass for a total Weight of 29.19 LBS.  Cory Snyder had a nice showing with total weight of 21.05 LBS to take home 2nd place prize.   

    Brady Duncan competed in all 6 events finishing 1st, No Score, 1st, 5th, 3rd, and 3rd for a total of 542 Points.  

    Here are the final point standings.


  • November 01, 2019 10:57 AM | Anonymous




    More than 30 people turned out yesterday for an early lunch “meet and greet” hosted by the Innovation Lab at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City.

    The event featured presentations from three very different start-ups that had one thing in common: they are all building their new ventures in Northeast Tennessee. The three were:

    • Connect Outdoors, a company founded by Ben Arnold around the ConnectScale device that he developed in late 2014 as a better way for fishermen to weigh and track their catch data, whether for personal use or as a part of a fishing tournament;
    • SME Bio LLC, the newest member at the Innovation Lab and a company founded by Michael Stump who has a long history in the life sciences space; and
    • rpl, an “almost to testing phase” start-up founded by Lauren Glass to help those wanting a career in the creative space get guidance and mentoring from more seasoned professionals.

    As regular readers of teknovation.biz know, we posted our first article on Arnold’s company, then going by the name of its inaugural product in May 2017. Earlier this year, he added several senior members to his team, including John Cannon, and turned his evening and weekend sideline business that was slowly gaining traction into a true ramp-up effort under a broader brand name. We captured those plans in this July article.

    “We have 8,000 customers,” Cannon, Chief Operating Officer, told attendees yesterday. He was subbing for Arnold who had another commitment. The company plans to release version 3 of the ConnectScale device this winter as it expands its existing efforts working with high schools to also include colleges teams.

    Beginning on Friday and continuing for 30 days, individuals who might work on the weekend and, therefore, unable to attend normal fishing tournaments can participate in the “Big Bass No Dinks November Challenge” that allows competitors to fish in an online, virtual tournament.

    Cannon outlined a number of other plans on the drawing board.


  • September 29, 2019 1:42 PM | Anonymous

    Connect Fishing League Members now have free access to ConnectScale's Tournament Management and Administration Software.   

    We are opening up our Tournament Management Administration Software that we use to host League events to be Free for Connect Fishing League Members. Regular pricing for non-members is $5 Per Participant Per Event.  With our tournament admin software, members will be able to create Weight, Length, or Count based events.  The system allows individual or team-based scoring. Admins can set up time-based events for a few hours or host monthly competitions.  Tournament Directors will set rule and be responsible for administering the events.  Admins will have the ability to exclude catches or disqualify users.  

    We are working on integrating the software into the app but until then members will need to take a few steps to register for free access.  

    First you must be an active Member.   CLICK HERE TO JOIN

    Once you are a member you will need to create a Tournament Admin Account at www.connectscale.app    This is our web-based software that lets anyone to create an event, invite participants, and manage catches.    Here is the link -> http://www.connectscale.app/admin/login  

    Second, you will need to document the email account that you used to register on this Tournament Administrator Application F orm.  https://forms.gle/u5f2FcjcmG2jeZhJ6    This will allow us to go in manually adjust the cost to free.  Please allow 24-48 hours for us to make the changes. 

    This software will allow members to create and host events for you and your friends, Charity events, or organized tournaments.   Partiicpants will log catches with the ConnectScale Fishing App and then be populated on the event page and live leaderboard. We will be releasing some training material later this week on how to create and manage an event.   If you have any questions please reach out to us via email at info@connectscale.com.   

  • September 09, 2019 12:35 PM | Anonymous

    Connect Fishing League announces three new online tournaments that will be held the month of October.  Anglers may participate in all three as each targets different species.   In addition to the Monthly Bass series that started in August, CFL will host and administer their first tournaments targeting Walleye and Crappie.   The online tournaments will last the entire month of October allowing anglers to compete at times and locations that are convienient to them.   The tournaments will utilize the ConnectScale Bluetooth Scale to determine weight and the ConnectScale Tournament Software to provide real time live leaderboards.   The events are weight based but participants must also submit length verification photos with a unique tournament ID Code to help with scoring and catch verification. Anglers must be a CFL Member to compete.  Registration for the events are open until September 30th at 6PM.

  • July 29, 2019 12:22 PM | Anonymous

    BRANDON PAYKAMIAN • JUL 29, 2019 AT 12:22 PM

    When hosting large fishing tournaments, it’s important to consider their potential environmental impact on lakes and rivers.  

    “When you have all these tournaments on these lakes, it puts a lot of stress on the fish, especially if you have a high number of tournaments,” Connect Outdoors CEO and President Ben Arnold said. “So you have all these fishermen on the same spot, and it can put stress on them because what the traditional tournaments are doing is they’re putting the fish in the live well, removing them from their spots and then taking them to the weigh-in location.” 

    With this in mind, Arnold’s East Tennessee State University-affiliated fishing tech company recently announced a partnership with Tennessee Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) Nation to fundraise and contribute to the organization's conservation efforts and tournaments.

    Connect Outdoors will sponsor 13 high school BASS fishing tournaments across the state with 1,800 anglers participating using their ConnectScale technology, which is essentially a “smart fishing scale” that combines wireless technology and a mobile application to digitally record catch data. 

    Arnold said this allows anglers to “catch the fish and release them to the water right there.” 

    “It’s really just better for the fish overall,” Arnold said. “All of this ties together to help automate the catch-logging process.” 

    Connect Outdoors’ Vice President of Tournament Operations Scott Morris said the company hopes their efforts will promote mindful fishing at BASS competitions. 

    “While they’re doing a regular BASS Nation event, BASS Nation has agreed to let the participants use our scales and do fundraising events on top of what they’re doing,” he said.

    “The fundraising aspect is going to be based on what they catch,” he later added. “Let’s say they catch 10 fish that weigh 10 pounds. The donation will come off the poundage of fish.” 

    Morris said Connect Outdoors and BASS both “have a passion for the conservation of fish,” and added that ConnectScale’s software allows fishers to minimize their impact on aquatic ecosystems.

    Morris said releasing the fish immediately helps keep the gene pool in the area stable.

    “We’re saying, ‘Hey, there’s an alternative,’” he said. “It’s a different way to manage fishing.”

    For more information, visit connectscale.com. 


  • July 29, 2019 8:31 AM | Anonymous


    By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, PYA

    “I had been growing it slow . . . organically,” says Ben Arnold, the Northeast Tennessee Entrepreneur who developed the ConnectScale device in late 2014 as a better way for fishermen to weigh and track their catch data, whether for personal use or as a part of a fishing tournament.

    The device uses Bluetooth technology, connected to a traditional fishing scale, to quickly log the weight of the catch. After several years of development, the company began selling the ConnectScale in late 2015.

    Recently, Arnold has turned what had been an evening and weekend sideline business that was slowly gaining traction into a true ramp-up effort. In the process, he’s added two key colleagues, rebranded the company, expanded its focus somewhat, and shifted its corporate structure.

    The new name – Connect Outdoors – better reflects the broadened focus of the company. While the ConnectScale device is still a key component – Arnold has sold 5,000 of them thus far, he says the start-up is positioning itself as a Software-as-a-Service online platform that connects individuals to the outdoors through the use of data, technology and unique experiences.

    The expanded focus and the other actions helped land Arnold a slot as one of 10 finalists for the next Stadia Ventures accelerator program. As noted in this recent teknovation.biz article, he will compete with the other finalists tomorrow and Wednesday (July 30 and 31) in Frisco, TX. Start-ups selected for the accelerator received a combination of up to a $100,000 in equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports and esports business executives in the country.

    To help accelerate the company’s growth, Arnold has added John Cannon, a well-known Northeast Tennessee Entrepreneur, as Chief Operating Officer and Scott Morris of Nashville as Vice President of Tournament Operations, a key focus of the expanded operation.

    “We want to revolutionize the way fishing tournaments are managed,” Arnold says, noting that there are thousands of tournaments annually and 20 to 25 million competitive anglers in the U.S. alone.

    For those unfamiliar with fishing tournaments – we certainly are, Arnold explained that competitors are judged on the best five fish they caught at the weigh-in. “It (the process) is frequently catch, then weigh, and finally release,” Arnold says.

    Unlike a professional golf tournament or most other sporting events, there is no “live” scoreboard that informs fans and the competitors of current rankings or scores. Connect Outdoors intends to change that fact.

    “With our technology, the competitors can weigh their catch right there and feed the results to a live leaderboard,” Arnold explains. “It is a much better method for hosting these events.”

    That’s where Morris will focus, working with fishing clubs and communities to create what Arnold describes as “economic drivers” for localities. The company held a “soft launch” of the tournament management product at the “Battle of Chickamauga Classic” in late April in Dayton, TN.

    More recently Connect Outdoors announced a partnership with the Mount Juliet Fishing Club, the state’s largest such high school group. Under the agreement, Connect Outdoors will help the club with fundraising, boat captain coordination, a parental and audience watch program, and student bio-resumes. In exchange, the club will provide product feedback as well as providing visuals for Connect Outdoors’ social media efforts.

    The first event in that partnership was held July 20 at the Lone Branch Access Area in Mount Juliet.

    In addition, Connect Outdoors announced last week a partnership with with Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation in which the former will sponsor 13 tournaments across the state to help the organization with its fundraising efforts. About 1800 anglers are expected to participate in those events.

    “It’s been a fun journey as we’ve plugged away and worked on taking it to the next level,” Arnold says. Now, with the changes and staffing additions, he’s ready to ramp-up fast.

    Original Article Link ->  

  • July 22, 2019 11:05 AM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to Mount Juliet Fishing Team for raising $690.62 for the first ever ConnectScale high school fundraiser!

    Haydon Fox and Kyson Brown- 23.10
    Brady Duncan and Mason Huddleston- 16.82

    Overall winner: weight + scale sales
    1st: Duncan-Huddleston
    2nd: Fox-Brown

    Both Teams win a trip donated by Coach Garry Mason to Bethel University that includes a campus tour and lunch with the Coach, plus a fishing trip with a Bethel Student Athlete.

    Kudos to Coach Gary Redic and Coach Mitch Fox for their love and passion and all of the parents and friends that donated and helped.

    Also, a big thank you to Coach Garry Mason for the donation of the winners prize package!

    Any High School fishing Teams interested in hosting events, please contact us!

  • July 22, 2019 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    ConnectScale to Provide Tournament Platform for the 2019-2020 Season


    Johnson City, TN - July 22 - Scott Morris, Connect Outdoors VP of Tournament Operations announces a partnership with Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation to help the organization with their fundraising efforts and to contribute to the organizations conservation efforts.  Connect Outdoors will sponsor 13 tournaments across the state with 1800 anglers participating.

    Captain Jake Davis, Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Director and Assistant State Director Tennessee B.A.S.S. High School and Youth programs said, “We are extremely excited to join forces with Connect Outdoors for the 2019-2020 Season.  I believe this partnership will help advance the overall health of our Tennessee Fisheries and the sport of Bass Fishing.”

    Morris added, “The Connect Outdoors Platform includes the Connect Fishing League (CFL) and ConnectScale.  We are very excited about the partnership with the TN B.A.S.S. Nation High school and Jr.High Tournament Trails. The leadership provided by Jake and his team have taken these programs to the very top nationally. I've know Jake for several years. His integrity and love for the kids drive him to excellence and we feel our CFL Fundraising Program will change the way high school programs raise money.  We appreciate TN B.A.S.S Nations passion, conservation and love for the student athletes.”

    For more information on Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation visit, https://sctnbassnation.com/.

    Connect Scale is a member of the ETSU Innovation Lab. For more information on Connect Outdoors and ConnectScale, visit http://GoConnectOutdoors.comhttp://ConnectScale.com, or http://ConnectScale.app.

  • July 11, 2019 7:55 AM | Anonymous

    By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, PYA

    Connect Outdoors, known as ConnectScale when we posted this teknovation.biz articlein May 2017, has been selected by Stadia Ventures as a finalist for the organization’s accelerator program.

    Ben Arnold, Founder of the Northeast Tennessee-based start-up, received word earlier this week that his company is one of 10 invited to Frisco, TX to pitch to more than 125 corporate executives. The event, set for July 30 and 31, will be judged by senior executives from companies like Alibaba, American Cancer Society, Asia Sports Tech, Big 12 Conference, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Columbus Blue Jackets, Complexity Gaming, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Envy Gaming, Formula E, Gamestop, Gatorade, Hawk-Eye Innovation, Houston Rockets, IBM (Esports), LA Lakers, Learfield IMG, Legends, LPGA, Manchester City/Sapphire, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Miami Heat, MLB, NBA, NFL, Ocatgon, Orlando Magic, Pepsi Co, Populous, Sacramento Kings, Sony, St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals, Tagboard, Topgolf, Twitch, Vegas Golden Knights, Wasserman, and WorldGaming.

    “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to pitch to Stadia’s network of investors and industry professionals,” Arnold told us. “To be selected as a top 10 finalist in a global competition is a great honor and gives me confidence that others see value in what we are creating at Connect Outdoors.”

    The rebranded company is focused on growing the market established by itsConnectScale product while also offering an online tournament platform and fundraising opportunities for high school fishing programs.

    On its webpage, Stadia Ventures describes itself as “the global Sports Innovation Hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors. We create an ecosystem for sports and esports innovation growth by leveraging our team’s core strengths: education, investment, network, and industry expertise.”

    The accelerator helps established sports and esports start-ups get to the next level through a combination of up to a $100,000 in equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports & esports business executives in the country. There are two rounds of evaluation for the Stadia Accelerator cohort.

    • First, applications are reviewed by Stadia partners and advisors.
    • Next, the application and feedback from the initial judges are reviewed by the Stadia Capital Investment Committee, a group of the most experienced entrepreneurs, sports and esports business executives and investors who are themselves invested into the Stadia Capital fund.
    • Finally, a select group of founders will be invited to pitch their businesses to the Investment Committee which is the end of July event in Frisco. Decisions are made shortly thereafter.

    “We submitted information as part of their due diligence process and our leadership team met with their team a few weeks ago via video conference for a 45-minute Q&A session,” Arnold said.

    In an upcoming article on teknovation.biz, we will describe Arnold’s plans for the expanded and rebranded company.

    The post Connect Outdoors one of 10 finalists for next Stadia Ventures acceleratorappeared first on Teknovation.

  • July 10, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Johnson City, TN - July 10 - W. Scott Morris, Connect Outdoors VP of Tournament Operations announces a partnership with Tennessee’s largest high school fishing club, Mount Juliet Fishing Club.  Connect Outdoors will help the club with fundraising, boat captain coordination, a parental and audience watch platform and student bio-resumes. In exchange the club will provide product feedback and will create pictures and videos for the company’s social media efforts.

    "I am very excited to kick-off what I believe to be a transformation in fundraising for high school bass fishing teams,” said Morris.  “Our Connect Fishing League fundraising platform allows individual high school team anglers to become very involved by using our ConnectScale and CFL phone application. Each high school bass team has the ability to set a fundraising criteria allocated to their demographics. Mount Juliet Fishing Club has decided supporters will donate $1 per pound of bass caught per Team. These funds will help off-set cost and encourage participation. Finally all the donors, coaches, grandparents. Moms and Dads will have the ability to watch a real-time fundraising leaderboard on-line”.

    The first fundraising event will be July 20, 2019 5:30am-12noon CST at the Lone Branch Access Area Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.

    "I am very excited to be a part of the all new ConnectScale program.  This is one of the most innovative platforms for fundraising that I have seen in my many years in the outdoors industry.  Keeping kids on the water.” said Garry Mason, Head Coach for the Bethel University Bass Team and Founder Legends of the Outdoors.

    "The Mt Juliet Fishing team is proud to announce this partnership with ConnectScale and we are looking forward to the opportunity to use and share the benefits of this product and all it has to offer. Plus we have the added benefit of ConnectScale helping us with our fundraising needs. It’s a win win for our team.  Thank you ConnectScale for this opportunity,” said Coach Gary Redic.

    For more information on Connect Outdoors and ConnectScale, visit http://GoConnectOutdoors.comhttp://ConnectScale.com, or http://ConnectScale.app 

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